Here For Growth stems from the belief that change is possible and that both organisations and individuals can grow from the result.

Certain groups can, however, find opportunities for growth more challenging due to the barriers they often come up against within our society.

The following groupings are often particularly disadvantaged:

  • Disabled people
  • People from ethnic minorities
  • LGBT people
  • Older people
  • People on low incomes
  • People with criminal convictions

Here For Growth is committed to applying the underlying principles of:

  • Equal opportunity
  • Empowerment
  • Social justice
  • Unlimited potential

to support the removal of barriers for those individuals most disadvantaged in our society, to work towards a world in which individuals are valued for their unique contribution and potential; regardless of their background, physical abilities, gender identity, ethnicity, sexuality, age or economic status.

The Director of Here For Growth, Eppie Sprung, herself has a past criminal conviction and it was the learning and growth that followed that experience that led her to establish Here For Growth.

These principles, therefore, not only come from an objective belief in the importance of these principles but also from lived experience.  Having direct experience of some of the barriers individuals can face, she now works with organisations and institutions to remove such barriers for anybody that experiences them.

In commissioning Here For Growth, you are demonstrating your own commitment to valuing individuals based on their unique skills, expertise and potential, as opposed to: the colour of their skin, their age, their gender expression, physical/mental impairments they may have, poor decisions they may have made in the past, who they choose to love, their faith, or even their postcode!

The following may be useful reference for organisations:

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Equality Act 2010