Here For Growth is a dynamic, impact-focused consultancy offering a bespoke and professional service, supporting organisations to grow and develop.

Our aim is to help organisations maintain a secure foundation whilst nurturing innovative approaches to growth, enabling them to flourish.

In tough economic times, innovation and sustainability should be priorities during growth – no matter what the sector.  A fresh pair of eyes can often be a valuable catalyst for organisational development.

We can provide help to the third sector (charities, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, sports groups, etc.) with:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Independent examination of accounts
  • Charitable fund-finding
  • Commissioned bid development
  • Outcome-focused evaluation
  • Social Return on Investment reporting
  • Business excellence assessments
  • Community engagement
  • Project management and support
  • Bespoke training

We can provide help to the private sector with:

  • Business excellence consultancy
  • Corporate social responsibility strategies
  • Project management and support

Our focus is on providing support in a way that ensures the full involvement of your staff and/or volunteers.  We want to work with your team to pass on the skills and knowledge you will need to grow sustainably.  As the saying goes, “We want to do ourselves out of a job”.

Furthermore, where possible, we’ll work with you to secure external funding to cover our costs.