Business Excellence

Have you ever felt as if your team is full of enthusiasm and drive but for some reason you aren’t progressing the way you’d expected to?  Here For Growth can carry out an independent assessment, using the European business excellence model, EFQM, and then work with your team to enhance your identified strengths and to action any areas for improvement.

Independent Evaluation

Most organisations we work with evaluate as they go.  They seek feedback from both their staff/volunteers and their customers/service users.  Where we come in is when it would be of value to you to have an independent evaluation carried out.  Maybe a funder has specified it as a requirement, maybe you want a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate your progress or maybe you want to add some robustness to your procedures.  Whatever the reason, we can apply outcome-focused evaluation techniques to projects of all sizes.

Social Return On Investment (SROI)

It is very difficult to put a financial value onto the work done by third sector organisations even though service users place great personal value on the work done.

SROI is a method by which you can demonstrate a financial value to the contribution your projects are making to society.  As fully trained SROI practitioners, we can carry out SROI reports on projects of all sizes to provide you with a financial figure to support your cause when justifying your project to funders.